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Business mag: What New Jersey firms should do to welcome back workers

For more than six decades, the New Jersey Business magazine has been providing Garden State employers with needed news and advice. The publication’s guidance for the business community has never been needed more than it is right now.

Governor Murphy signs more changes to New Jersey employment law

We can all feel the ground shifting beneath our feet as the COVID-19 pandemic brings with it seismic changes to society. A few days ago, emergency legislation was again approved by the New Jersey legislature and was then signed into law by Gov. Phil Murphy.

In virus response, New Jersey again expands employment laws

In response to the coronavirus and its economic impact, the New Jersey legislature and Governor Phil Murphy have broadened employees’ access to certain benefits. Access to paid sick leave, family leave and temporary disability were expanded in the recently signed S-2304.

Is work scheduling law on its way to New Jersey?

Two years ago, Oregon became the first state to pass a predictable scheduling law. A similar measure was recently introduced in the New Jersey legislature; if passed, the measure would have a significant impact on New Jersey businesses with 250 workers or more, especially in retail, hospitality, restaurants and warehouses.

Part II: 2019 was a year of big changes to New Jersey employment law

Regular readers of our Morristown Employment Law Blog will undoubtedly recall that we recently took a look back at the big changes 2019 brought to New Jersey law. We looked at a couple of topics: penalties for wage violations and changes to the state’s Family Leave Act.

Freelancers say New Jersey contractor law will cost them work

It’s a relatively short drive south of Morristown to get to Middlesex. The borough’s State Sen Linda Greenstein recently said that in her two decades in the New Jersey legislature, she finds the proposed independent contractor law “the most confusing.”

The ABCs of New Jersey employment law could get tougher

It is important for many employers to hire independent contractors who can perform essential tasks at a lower overall cost than full-time employees with benefits. A bill recently introduced in the New Jersey legislature would create a stricter ABC test for determining who is and who is not a contractor.


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