Defending Your Company’s Rights

In 2005, Domenick Carmagnola and Steven Ritardi left an established New Jersey to specialize and provide efficient and agile employment advice to company management seeking seasoned litigators and counseling. CR Law has remained true to those foundational goals and is New Jersey's only representative of the WorkLaw Network, a collaboration of exceptional employment boutique firms representing and defending management throughout the United States, Europe, Mexico and Asia.

Having represented and litigated on behalf of closely held and Fortune 500 companies, no company or employment issue is too large or small to benefit from sound and experienced advice. Even the most seasoned executive, HR professional or in-house counsel will value outside expertise and guidance.

CR Law routinely counsels and defends clients on issues stemming from discrimination, whistleblowing, wage and hour compliance, and unfair labor practices to non-compete, trade secret and post-employment restrictions. As employers know, the workplace has become a complex, if not perilous environment to navigate. Management is challenged daily when making decisions that implicate multiple layers of policies, laws and regulations. When called upon, our clients can depend on skilled, effective, honest and efficient advice.

Problem Solving For Employers

CR Law exists to defend employer's rights and to advise management with employment decisions. Our attorneys are highly skilled, with decades of experience representing employer's rights and problem-solving skills. Employment practice now, more than ever, requires attorneys with a knowledge base beyond the court room, with many of our cases being mediated or subject to arbitration as part of court ordered or voluntary alternative dispute resolution.

We Have Encountered Most Employment Law Issues

CR Law works with public and private sector clients, understanding diverse industries such as pharma, health care, manufacturing, transportation, sports and banking, among others. Our lawyers have encountered virtually every conceivable employment issue, with our principal partners have decades of experience in the New Jersey employment arena.

Capable of quickly identifying the relevant legal issues and developing an efficient, cost-effective and sound legal strategy, the firm's experience includes state and federal court litigation, appellate practice, HR counseling, corporate investigations, administrative agency matters (such as the EEOC, the NJ Division on Civil Rights, the Department of Labor and PERC), labor law and business law matters.