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Part I: New Jersey returns to work

As New Jersey and the rest of the nation inches closer to reopening, it is time for employers to think through plans to return employees to the workplace.

An issue sure to come up as workers return to New Jersey businesses: can employees decline to return from furlough? Answer: Yes, they can, but they will need a reason protected by law to so without losing unemployment benefits.

Business mag: What New Jersey firms should do to welcome back workers

For more than six decades, the New Jersey Business magazine has been providing Garden State employers with needed news and advice. The publication’s guidance for the business community has never been needed more than it is right now.

The magazine recently published an article penned by an HR professional with a health care provider about what employers should do to create safe workplaces when welcoming back employees.

Governor Murphy signs more changes to New Jersey employment law

We can all feel the ground shifting beneath our feet as the COVID-19 pandemic brings with it seismic changes to society. A few days ago, emergency legislation was again approved by the New Jersey legislature and was then signed into law by Gov. Phil Murphy.

The employment law takes effect immediately, delaying implementation of the New Jersey WARN Act that was passed in January of this year.

In virus response, New Jersey again expands employment laws

In response to the coronavirus and its economic impact, the New Jersey legislature and Governor Phil Murphy have broadened employees’ access to certain benefits. Access to paid sick leave, family leave and temporary disability were expanded in the recently signed S-2304.

The measure amends parts of the state’s Earned Sick Leave Law and expands worker rights to use earned sick time in matters involving isolation or quarantine resulting from suspected exposure to COVID-19 (or similar communicable diseases).

Coronavirus and New Jersey employment law

Like everyone else, New Jersey employers are trying to make sense of novel coronavirus and the many changes it has wrought on not only business, but almost every aspect of American life.

A few days ago, Gov. Phil Murphy signed a law that prohibits New Jersey employers from firing, demoting or in any way punishing workers for taking time off because they have (or are likely to have) contracted the coronavirus.

Part II: more changes proposed to New Jersey employment law

Regular readers of our Morristown employment law blog will undoubtedly recall that we recently wrote about changes proposed by Governor Phil Murphy to the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD).

If the measure is passed, the Department of Civil Rights (DCR) would have to have in place a model policy for small employers (those with less than 50 employees), that could then input their specific information and adopt.

Part I: more changes proposed to New Jersey employment law

There’s no doubt that 2019 brought a lot of changes to state law. But get ready: there might be even more changes coming to New Jersey employment law in 2020. Governor Phil Murphy has proposed a sweeping set of changes to the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) that he says would “clarify legal grey areas.”

The half-dozen proposed changes revolve around allegations of workplace misconduct, including harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

Is work scheduling law on its way to New Jersey?

Two years ago, Oregon became the first state to pass a predictable scheduling law. A similar measure was recently introduced in the New Jersey legislature; if passed, the measure would have a significant impact on New Jersey businesses with 250 workers or more, especially in retail, hospitality, restaurants and warehouses.

Employers would be mandated to notify and compensate workers for certain shift changes. Those eligible businesses would also be required to offer existing employees work before hiring externally.

A new law increases potential penalties for employers

On January 21, 2020, Gov. Phil Murphy signed several new bills into law. These laws aim to increase protections for employees across New Jersey, but they could lead many employers to face considerable risks and challenges.


Part II: 2019 was a year of big changes to New Jersey employment law

Regular readers of our Morristown Employment Law Blog will undoubtedly recall that we recently took a look back at the big changes 2019 brought to New Jersey law. We looked at a couple of topics: penalties for wage violations and changes to the state’s Family Leave Act.

In this post, we will examine employment law changes that include protections for medical marijuana users and the reworking of non-disclosure agreements.


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