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How many employees resent their bosses?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2021 | Employment Litigation

Often, disputes between an employee and an employer really come back to the fact that the employee does not like their bosses — and may even resent the company as a whole. This friction can cause things to go far less smoothly than they would otherwise. 

For instance, maybe an employee sees their boss as demanding, overbearing or unreasonable. As such, their performance suffers. Eventually, the employee is fired for constantly being late to work and having a poor attitude. The employee’s resentment, however, causes them to either misinterpret the reasons they were fired — or lie outright.

Lots of dissatisfied employees may be working right under their bosses’ noses

It’s hard to pin down how many employees feel this way, but recent studies have shown that it may be a significant number. For instance, one study looked at nearly 1,000 people who were searching for new jobs. In a full 76% of cases, those employees blamed a toxic boss for pushing them to look for a new career. 

Now, these statistics are slightly skewed. They specifically asked people who were actively job seeking, meaning they already wanted to leave their jobs. It stands to reason that more of them would have issues with a boss. But this still does show that some employees may feel this way and still work at the company, and these could be employees who end up leaving on less than the best of terms. 

What can you do if an employee makes allegations they were wrongfully fired?

What should you do if an employee makes allegations after being fired? These are emotional cases and you need to be well aware of your options.